The Things I Do


“The things I do” is a track from an optimistic point of view, which is like a prayer from a person’s believe in preserving his dreams and pushing on through the hardship of life to achieve his goals, which is the recurring theme for the band’s upcoming album Egress

Sasan Fai

Sasan Fai

Music is transportive. As transportive as memories of my childhood that I get from looking at photo albums. Somehow theres a glimpse of that moment in time recorded in my brain every time I flip through a photo album. It transports me there in an instant. When I listen to songs that I once listened to throughout my childhood; immediately for a few short seconds I get transported back to the moment when I first listened to it, or it reminds me of the time when I was listening to it a lot. It’s as powerful as scent. I learned that music does that too. On making music, it’s somehow similar, yet different. This album is personal for me. There’s nothing more to it. They say your first album can take years, or maybe even a lifetime to write. For me, this album is exactly that. Sewing all my past time memories together and wanting to pass down stories in just 30 minutes for myself and others like me. Others who want to get transported elsewhere when they listen to music

Jakarta's Not That Bad

Sasan Fai

The fourth single by Sasan Fai is a song he wrote as a homage to the place he’s been living in for the last 10 years. Having an unusual upbringing due to constantly moving around and living in different countries while growing up influenced his idea of what home means to himself. “Jakarta’s Not That Bad”, simply putting it, is a song about how he sees Jakarta. The place where he was born but never to actually grow up in. Although Jakarta is known as a packed and massive capital city, he sees the beauty in between the dense city cramped up with traffic and heat; noticing the little things that one should be grateful for. For at the end of the day, wherever you are living, you must do what you can to get by and face the next day.

Ballads of the Freedom Youth

Black Horses

Ballads of the Freedom Youth is a
dynamic unconscious portrait of every youth on a diverse time and space. This album tells screams about lust, trial, error, and youth contemplation




Faults is a song about heartbreak. It is a moment of reflection for a severed relationship.A relationship which once was beautiful, raw and meaningful has come to an end.



Unlike most musicians / bands who release songs with the concept of self-healing, Sirati Dharma has even produced an album with a binaural sound sensation which actually has the concept of accepting one’s own condition, even if not careful, it will trigger mental illness. For the maximum experience, Sirati Dharma suggests listening to the Transcendental album in full and sequentially from numbers 1 to 9.
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