Alter ego of Fathia Izzati and Pandji Dharma


Black Horses is a Rock Band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Consisting of Salim Lubis (vocal), Kevin Indriawan (guitar), Lucky Azary (bass), and Julian Aditya (drum). Black Horses name come from bible story “Four Apocalypse Horsemen” that representing each members personality. Their vision is to revive the spirit of 70’s when real music was play with passion and real instrument. They hate using stupid features like quantize, autotune, etc on their songs to get authentic sound. To get even more authentic and raw vintage sound, they use Studer Tape Machine on mastering stage.

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bangkutaman, which taken from Bahasa Indonesia with the meaning of “park bench,” was originally formed in 1999, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The trio consist of Wahyu Acum Nugroho (guitar, vocal), Madava Rasika (Bass) and Christo Putra (drums). The band is claiming to play psychedelic folk rock genre, which is strongly reflected in the band’s second album ‘Ode Buat Kota’ (2010). The album has received national recognition and made bangkutaman as “most respected band”. In 2020, the band Signed with Palm House Records and promoting their new single called “Dinamika”. The third studio album coming up by the end of this year.



Sirati Dharma is a Noise Rock/ Shoegaze/Alternative band from Indonesia. Consist of Pandji Dharma (lead vocal/ guitar/synth), Vareza Mirza (ghostly riff/synth), Doys (bass/synth), Farzad (Backing Vocal, Synth, Tambourine), Widan Mossas (Drums).  Known for their lushed fuzzy dreamy guitar sound and their unique music composition. They are mainly influenced by My Bloody Valentine – M B V Radiohead Joy Division Pink Floyd Tame Impala . Sirati Dharma’s Sonic musicality is like no other.

Sirati Dharma


Hailing from the southern corner of Jakarta which famous for its hustle and bustle, Consisting of 5 childhood mates. In the 2015 the band project was formed under the name SMSR that fronted by Rerez (Keys), Ardana (Guitar), Arya (Guitar) Reygi (bass) and Wildan (drums).



Sasan Fai is a native Indonesian whose unusual upbringing influenced his songwriting process. Originally from Jakarta, Fai gradually developed his sound with elements of folk, jazz, rock, jangle-pop, and lo-fi qualities which is further distinguished by his moderately sung vocals, rhythmic guitar playing, and unadorned melodies adding color to his straightforward narratives. His songs introduce themes of restlesness, self-questioning, and unsettling thoughts. Constantly moving around from an early age made him adapt to disruptive changes in his life; altering his idea of who he is, exposing him to different places and ways of living.

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